10 Types Of Content You Can Publish To Promote Your Business

Content is an amazing way to grow your reach online. If you’re looking to showcase your authority, establishing consistent content is a great way to achieve your goal.

Here’s a list of the common types of content that can be used to build a dynamic collection of content aimed at reaching your target audience:

Blog Post: The most common of all pieces of content, the blog post is an informative piece of written content that lives natively on your brand’s website or blog. Blog posts can be reviews, opinions, informative fact-based posts, lists and more. While the written-word is the key to a blog post, multimedia elements like video, photo, graphs or other items that help tell a story only add to its value.

Photos & Galleries: If a picture says a thousand words, then what does an entire gallery of them tell your consumer? With the ease-of-use of digital photography (high quality cameras and easy-to-use mobile devices), photos are a great way to spread your word both on your blog and across social media platforms for enhanced reach.

Podcast: Think radio for the internet. A podcast is a typically underserved focus area for content but can be a game-changer for your brand. Podcasts are simply audio files uploaded to the web for your target audience’s listening pleasure. The goal is to pack that file with the right type of content and information — much like a blog post — that invites the listener to take an action that supports your business’ end goals.

Infographic: A fairly new way to deliver information to target users, the infographic is simply a well-designed graphic that tells a story. The story could be a process, data or how-to and it’ll likely live inside your blog but is always an interesting way to break up your content.

Slideshow: Another somewhat new way to deliver content, the slideshow essentially takes photo-gallery functionality and combines it with information. Rather than showcase only photos, a slideshow — either natively displayed on your blog or built using a third-party service like Slideshare — can pack a ton of information into one piece of content and provide the user a great experience that invites them to click through.

E-books: E-books can be a great way to get your content to the masses. While there’s undoubtedly much, much more volume included in an e-book, think of it as a mix of many types of content as explained on this page. Depending on the goals and focus area of your e-book, it could include several blog posts, case studies, videos, audio files, infographics and more.

Video: This is self-explanatory but given the video-friendly use of many of today’s web users, it could be a great way to share your business’ story. Video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and others make it easy to host and share high-definition videos made from mobile devices and simple cameras.

White Papers: Think of white papers as a dressed up blog post — setup in a shareable and downloadable file. White papers typically consist of case studies, guides, how-to’s and other technical information.

Guest Post: One of the types of content that can immediately help spread your reach, a guest post is an arrangement between two like platforms that allows for exchange of content to grow awareness. Some guest post arrangements see just one blogger posting on another blog while others are reciprocal.

Social: When in doubt, posting high-quality information directly to your social media channels can absolutely serve as a piece of content. In the end, it’s not always about bringing people back to your native platform — it’s about providing them value.

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