3 Brands Dominating The Social Media Game

In life, there are winners and losers. In content marketing, the same rule applies.

Here are three brands absolutely dominating the social media game:

General Mills

General Mills makes cereal — lots of it. Interestingly enough, the brand also makes some of the best videos on the internet. In this awesome age of digital rule, General Mills understands the importance of keeping its focus on social media for reach. Think about it, there are upwards of hundreds of millions of people watching TV at any given moment and only a slight chance to reach them, and to see a return on their investment. At that same given moment, there are billions of folks cruising the internet — just waiting to be entertained, engaged and enthralled.

The #awesome efforts of General Mills and its many brands is getting their attention:


Its opportunity for stunning visuals not withstanding, GoPro is a must-follow across all social media. The HD action cam maker’s best outlet, though? Instagram. Check out some of these beauties:


Stunning visuals, awesome products and a timeless look that your’s truly is currently sporting. A win-win-win, indeed.